1936 Olympics

Updated: June 17, 2016

1936 Olympics


Nazi germany

The 1936 Olympic Games should be apolitical and merge the nations of the world. Young athletes compete regardless of their origin in a fair competition. It was the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin, planned. Nevertheless, the games cause of political discussions were in the last century and over again. Even in 1936, when Germany hosted the Games under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. The Nazis saw it as a chance to improve its international image.

Nazi Germany as the host country

1936 Germany hosted the Olympic Games. And, although both the Germans and a number of participating countries in order were initially dissatisfied. Many German Nazis could not accept the idea of itself, to compete with “inferior races”. The countries were also sceptical because Germany had already adopted the first laws for discrimination against Jews. Especially the United States condemned the law and therefore were against the fact that Germany was allowed to host the Olympic Games.

Germany was, however, in 1931 chosen as the venue – during the Wiemar Republic, when Germany was still a democratic state. Theodor Lewald, Germany’s representative in the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and Carl Diem, Secretary General of the “German Reich Committee for Physical Education” wanted to demonstrate the size and strength of Germany. Since sports at this time had a major role, they held the Olympics for their plan suitable and were able to implement it as well. In May 1931 Germany was officially declared the host country of the Olympic Games 1936th. Read about ancient Olympic

The planning


When planning the Games began, the Wiemar Republic was already history. There was a wide boycott movement against hosting the games in Germany under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. This has nevertheless personally committed. Hitler wanted to improve international opinion about himself and his government, knowing that the Olympic Games would be a good way to do this. He got what he wanted and was allowed to conduct the Games in his own country. Conditions of the IOC, however, were that the competitions for all nations had to be easily accessible and the Nazis, the games were not allowed to abuse for self-expression.

Adolf Hitler giving a speech in a stadium.Hitler stood up for the Games. The organisation has been left to the Ministry of Propaganda headed Joseph Goebbels. Germany had to promise the US against not exclude Jews from the competitions. Nevertheless, the Nazis manipulated the results of athletes, who belonged to the Jewish faith. So many did not manage to qualify for the German team. To demonstrate tolerance but allowed a “half-Jew”, the fencer Helene Mayer, participate in the Games.

The preparations

For the period of the Olympic Games in Berlin, the city was “cleaned up”: the homeless, Roma and Sinti sent the Nazis in the outer peripheral areas of the city. Anti-Jewish signs were suspended and banned corresponding expressions. Germany should the foreign press appear “clean”. In addition, the old German stadium was demolished and replaced by the new Olympic Stadium. An important part of the preparations was the advertising at home and abroad. For this, the government printed more than seven million brochures, postcards and the like. A year before the Games travelled a travelling exhibition by Germany. Hitler wanted to achieve, that the German people developed through the games increased cohesion. To this end, the Olympics were broadcast live. Who did not have a television, could watch for free in public television rooms in Berlin. Everyone should be able to witness the success of the German athletes.

The plan is working


Carl Diem had to be wearing the idea, a burning torch from Greek Olympic Torch runners from all over Europe to Berlin. Last runners was the Athlete fritz schilling. He lit the Olympic flame at the Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony. Even today, such a torch relay held before the Olympic Games.

Despite the warnings of the IOC that are not abusing Games, the German press, the local teams was obliged to be particularly emphasised. A third place of the Germans was more praised as a first foreign athletes. The German participants were presented to the public as heroes. In addition, the National Socialist embossed press brought the sports victories sent by Hitler’s regime in connection. So the Germans should develop more self-confidence and pride for their country.

Adolf Hitler passes with ministers in a fully loaded Stadium.Winners as heroes of Hitler’s regime The plan worked. Germany won the most medals at the games. Although it also had the most participants at the start, but the goal is to demonstrate Germany’s strength was achieved. The foreign press praised the good organisation of the Games. Even the initially very critical Americans were thrilled by the Olympic Games in Berlin. Only one passed the Nazis in their approach: Most successful athletes and crowd favourite of the Games was Jesse Owens, a black American.

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