Football – 2016 Summer Olympics

Updated: June 15, 2016




Football is a sport of British origin, and is also part of the Olympics. Its English name is soccer , and is known as football. In this sport you must have two teams, and each will consist of an amount of 11 players. Several referees to take control of the game are also needed.

They handle all standards can be met perfectly. Among Olympic sports, this is the most popular in the world, it is known that are up to 270 million people who practice worldwide

The most popular sport in the world, “the beautiful game” has a long history in the Olympics, dating back to the early twentieth century. More recently, the tournament has been forced to differentiate themselves not to compete with the quadrennial exhibition itself FIFA World Cup. Know the differences between the two, you get a manual on the game itself, and check out the different spaces for the only event that will take place in six different high-level sadist scattered throughout the UK.

11 warriors, leaving 11 people as equals, regardless of the opponent to take into front. 11 players coming out to fight for their dreams, whether they play in a professional league, winning a tournament or just have the satisfaction of kicking a ball. This could define the football , a sport that generates passions worldwide. And it is that not only play those treading the lawn, but also those found in the stands, at home, or anywhere that allows them to have a connection with the so – called ” beautiful game “. For fans, it is enough just to have a heart to be connected to your computer in special moments as a classification or final to sate the throat with a shout of goal that comes from the depths of the heart. That’s football.

Although it is already one of the most played sports in the world, the fúbol continues to gain more followers every day. And it is that football is no exception as far as people are concerned, because it is a sport that has no race or sex. Football is a sport that has even been classified as ” the most beautiful sport in the world .” Young and old are responsible not leave space every weekend in football stadiums, which are chosen as a venue that will host the team that takes inside. Every Saturday and Sunday, families gather in their homes to share family time, which may well be a celebration or a defeat. But the fact of seeing the selection own play against “countries powers” leaves a taste pride increases mixed with adrenaline when the computer you are encouraged scores a goal and the lead is ahead of its similar.

Not just news, but also other aspects that will be of your interest. For example, you talk about the history of football , the rules of football , the football , the uniform of the players , the training in football , the World Cup , the women ‘s football , the children ‘s football , and the use of the jambs , Until we focus on football competitions in certain countries, if Spain , England , Italy , Argentina , Brazil , Chile , Uruguay , Mexico , Ecuador , United States , Colombia , Peru or Bolivia . And do not disregard their variants curious case of football-tennis , the Showbol or called footgolf .


Trivia about football you never knew

As mentioned entertainment for many football is a way of life, a passion, find a feeling that very few things can give. This is a family sport worldwide, we are very attached to him, not only for the world, a local tournament or our favourite player ( Cristiano Ronaldo , Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez , Raul , Aguero ), but because it is a sport that has been practices since the beginning of man on earth . Football is much more than a sport, it is much more than a game. If you love football and you appreciate the sport, here are a number of interesting facts football world who may not know.

This sport involves the use of a sword as a defence either in competition or entertainment, was born more as a defence system and attack against “gentlemen” who were protected by metal shields and armour. It was during the Middle Ages where the sword was part of the arsenal of the fighters were provided to confront potential enemies. But the sword if it is true, had a good time under the name of main weapon in a disputed confrontation, was the invention of weapons of “fire” who would be responsible for closing the cycle of these swords, as it certainly was better fight the enemy with a gun at the time, with a sword.

But the story of the sword would not end there, because although the sword fulfilled a cycle, would be admitted to class competitive sport, giving rise to what we know as “fencing”. This sport requires great skill to be executed in a good way, since the use of the sword should be good both in defence and in attack. It is to know that the fencing as a competitive sport, is considered a long time in Olympic men’s mode, but after a while (1960) would be women who may also participate in the sport. Spanish is the only sport that is considered within the “Olympics”. While it is a modern sport, it is still governed by old rules (rules of origin).

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Football is a sport of British origin, and is also part of the Olympics. Its English name is soccer , and is known as football
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