Rugby – 2016 Rio Olympics

Updated: June 15, 2016




Rugby as is known, is a physical contact sport team created in England. In the four nations of the UK is a rich sport in popularity, with these nations: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Of course also lives with effervescence in three former British colonies; Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and in the Republic of Ireland and France. Apart from these nine locations where the records rugby quite popular, also worth mentioning that this sport is practices in all continents, of course varying its international competitiveness and popularity.

When speaking of the sport in America, it is impossible not to appoint one of its greatest references of this continent, Argentina, team that took third place in the last World Cup 2007 finals in France.


of course on the American side of the world, not just Argentina the country who practices also include Canada, United States, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Paraguay, and is something lacking in countries like Venezuela, Mexico and Peru. Asia also has continental representative, this being Japan. While in Europe it stands out above the rest of Italy, which competes in the Six Nations Championship. It is also located in other countries of this continent, such as Portugal, Spain, and in countries of this side of the continent. In April of the current year, the International Rugby Board has recognised official 116 nations belonging to the sport, this is the federation that regulates Rugby in its fullness around the world.

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Rugby - 2016 Rio Olympics
Rugby as is known, is a physical contact sport team created in England.
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