Volleyball – 2016 Rio Olympics

Updated: June 15, 2016




Volleyball has always enjoyed good acceptance since its entry into the Olympic Games in 1964. Since then, the scoring system has evolved style rally point, and the introduction of the libero in the back row has helped keep the freshness in the game, and give it a rapid pace. At Earls Court, the sport will keep in full swing, with no shortage of world gold hopefuls. Check out how a sport with more than a century old has remained in force and has maintained its popularity.

Volleyball is a sport like many others in which two teams on a plot of smooth game, separated by a net in the middle of the court, trying to get by with hand strikes, face the ball soil contrary, obviously over the core network that is at a certain height.

Each team has a certain amount of touches that can not be passed, otherwise it would infringement. It is characterized by its particular way of playing, because when going scoring, players must rotate their positions within the field.

There is volleyball, ground cover, but beach volleyball, held outdoors on sand is also located also have their own category in this sport that is no respecter of persons, his name is sitting volleyball, and is a variant with increasing popularity. As just noted, this sport has many variations, even in summer usually some more resurgence, as the Futvoley, or water volleyball or bossaball.

Volleyball is one sport that equality has both male and female form, either by the amount of public attending matches in both categories, as the technical ability to have their players (as).

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Volleyball - 2016 Rio Olympics
Volleyball has always enjoyed good acceptance since its entry into the Olympic Games in 1964
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